Where is Swaziland Relief?

We changed our name, not our mission.

As of the summer of 2018, Swaziland Relief has officially changed its name to "Comfort for Africa"

Why the change?

There were three main reasons for the change:

1) In April of 2018, the King of Swaziland announced that his country would henceforth be called the kingdom of eSwatini, which is Swaziland but in their own language. Continuing to use the name Swaziland would put us out of step with the trend in the country.

2) Over the past decade, our organization has grown from being a short-term "relief" organization to embrace a longer-term development approach.

3) In addition, our organization has expanded its spheres of concern and engagement into South Africa and Mozambique, and may expand further in the coming years.