Thembinkhosi Care Point

Thembinkhosi (siSwati for "hope in the Lord") is a care point for children just outside of the city of Manzini. It is operated by Collette Nkwanyana and is often known by short-term team members simply as "Collette's."

Although Thembinkhosi Care Point is sometimes though of as an "orphan" care point, Make Nkwanyana does not turn away any of the neighborhood children who come there. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the schools were closed, she sometimes provided meals for as many as 150 children a day.

In addition to providing meals, Thembinkhosi Care Point teaches marketable skills to the children who come there. Make Nkwanyana teaches knitting and sewing, and her products are sold to help cover the cost of running the care point.