What do we do?

Comfort for Africa is involved in a wide variety of projects aimed at alleviating suffering caused by poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Our primary initiatives are:

We also have annual short-term teams and send a sea container full of clothing, medicine, relief supplies to Eswatini.

Short-term teams

Since 2007, Comfort for Africa has taken short-term teams to work in the Kingdom of eSwatini.

With much regret, we must announce that this year, due to COVID-19, the short-term team has been cancelled.

Sea Container

Each Spring we fill a 40′ Sea Container with relief supplies including food, clothing, coats, shoes and medical supplies. For months in advance of the ship date, dozens of volunteers in the USA collect goods donated by their generous friends, family members, business colleagues, classmates, etc . All goods are sorted, boxed and labeled for shipping. The container is then shipped to Eswatini. After a month on the ocean, the container arrives in Eswatini and its contents are distributed to those in need in the villages we visit.

This year due to COVID-19 we have been forced to delay the shipment of the Sea Container. We will update this site when we have more information about when the container will be shipped.