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P.O. Box 29724

Elkins Park, PA  19027

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P.O. Box C360

Hub Manzini M200

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Hatzin's Center G-3

Tenbergen Street, Manzini

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+1  215 886 4780

Eswatini Telephone:

+268  7640 9643


+1 267 571 1711


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The Health Initiative

There are two main prongs to CFA's Health Initiative:

  1. mobile medical clinics

  2. an orphan care point

Although healthcare is available in eSwatini, many emaSwati do not receive regular treatment because of the great distances and difficulty in traveling from their villages to the towns where medical care can be obtained.  Until such time as clinics are more widely distributed, a solution is the mobile medical clinic


Since 2007, we have been taking mobile clinics to some very hard-to-reach locations, providing children and adults in those villages with an opportunity to be seen by medical professionals without needing to travel great distances.  

Recently, Comfort for Africa has worked alongside the Deputy Prime Minister's office.  The DPM's office identifies villages where there is great need, and Comfort for Africa responds by scheduling a clinic in those villages.

The volunteer nurses who staff our mobile clinics are the "rock stars" of our teams.  People literally dance with joy when our mobile clinics come and set up in their local school or government office (or sometimes in a tent in a field or just out in the open).

In addition to the mobile clinics, Comfort for Africa assists in funding an Orphan Care Point run by a Swazi woman in the village of Fairview, near the city of Manzini. The woman who runs the care point, Collette, makes sure that the children in the village have an opportunity to receive a hot meal each day, and provides tutoring and practical arts training. A visit to "Collette's care point" is a highly anticipated part of every short-term team.